For generations our family has been tied to the Hawaiian Islands. For the eldest member, Hawaii was a place for semi-professional sports in the 1950s. For others since then, the islands have served as our birthplace and home for several years. And though most of our family has moved to the mainland to pursue opportunities, all of us agree that part of our heart will always remain in Hawaii.

It’s something about the tropical atmosphere combined with the simplicity of life that makes worries disappear and calmness set in. Perhaps it’s The Aloha Spirit that sweeps over your body the moment you set foot on the islands. This Aloha Spirit, along with our love of shave ice, is what our family always dreamed of bringing to the mainland one day.

Like many shave ice businesses on the Hawaiian Islands, Paradise Shave Ice started as a family idea. In 1985, we purchased our first shave ice machine and served “authentic shave ice” in one of our Double Rainbow Ice Cream parlors. Soon thereafter, we focused on offering our tasty snow at fairs and festivals around the Bay Area. Now here we are, over 25 years later bringing the same delicious treat to you.