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Our shave ice catering service is the perfect addition to any party, whether it’s a birthday celebration, a graduation party, or a summer get-together. We bring the refreshing and colorful shave ice experience to your event, delighting guests of all ages with a variety of flavors and toppings to choose from.

Private Events

For events such as weddings, fundraisers, or community gatherings, our shave ice catering adds a fun and unique touch. We work with you to customize the menu to complement the theme and atmosphere of your event, creating a memorable experience for you and your guests.

Corporate Events

Our shave ice catering is a hit at corporate events, providing a refreshing treat for employees and clients alike. Whether it’s a company picnic, an outdoor team-building event, or a promotional gathering, we ensure that everyone enjoys the delicious flavors and festive atmosphere we bring to the occasion.


About Us

For generations, our family has been connected to the Hawaiian Islands. In the 1950s, Hawai’i was a place for semi-professional sports for the eldest member of our family. Since then, the islands have been the birthplace and home for several years for others in our family. Although most of our family has moved to the mainland to pursue opportunities, all of us agree that a part of our hearts will always remain in Hawai’i.

There’s just something magical about the blend of tropical vibes and the simple way of life that melts all your worries away and ushers in peace. Maybe it’s the Aloha Spirit that envelops you the moment you land on the islands, a feeling so profound, it’s unforgettable. Coupled with our family’s passion for shave ice, this spirit is exactly what we’ve always dreamt of sharing with the mainland.

Paradise Shave Ice was born from this dream, rooted in a family tradition back in 1985 when we brought our very first shave ice machine into one of our Double Rainbow Ice Cream shops. It wasn’t long before we expanded, bringing our delectable frozen delights to fairs and festivals throughout the Bay Area. Fast-forward a few decades, and here we are, still dedicated to offering that same incredible taste experience to you.

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